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Science experiment with colours
  • Event Date: 22-Oct-2020
  • Updated On: 22-Oct-2020
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Description: Our lives are full of colours, there our primary colours and secondary colours. To make are kids understand the difference between the two and how secondary colours can be made by mixing primary colour, the pre-primary section of DPS Jankipuram did fun filled experiments on colours. The students mixed primary colours to make secondary colours. Some of the experiments carried out were walking rainbow, colourful bubble painting, running colours rainbow with gems, colour changing water and lava lamp. Children enjoyed the experiments and were in awe when they were able to make a new colour. Simple doesn't mean boring. The colour mixing science experiments were a hit with the kids! The kids were delighted to create their own colour. The colour mixing activities are fun ways for children to learn about colours as well as get a chance to be what we call a “colour scientist!”